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30Days A Intresting love Story……….

Posted by Deepak Shetty on October 23, 2008

30 Days (Part I) by anuswriting

It can happen in anybody’s life It is a simple love story about a girl and a boy. Let’s get started…. imagine yourself in the girl’s place and guys u 2 do d needful.
I’m a simple girl ….(Gayatri) u can call me ‘Guts’, ‘m not so good looking but very passionate about my work, I write and give creative concept for an agency . It’s a cool job! I stay alone, have a best friend to share my thoughts my views my feelings, she always understands me right. Life was routine, from Home to office and vice-versa…
(Pratmesh) Pam …Yes, that‘s my name. Tall, Fair handsome, in all a dream of every girl. Art Director in an advertising firm, I have to maintain a diary to check the number of girlfriends I date .Well! ‘m cool ‘n’ happening and I’m the hero in this story…. Guts ‘n’ Pam met they had ‘cos they worked in the same agency. Pam hated her according to him she was boring, ugly and irritating. According to Guts He was just impossible, every time she used to meet him, she lost her most priced possessions like pen, wallet, specs….they just couldn’t stand each other. Always ready for a fight. There was no option they had to work together, and face each other everyday. Kahaani me Twist Nine months passed and things were not the same with Pam, His views about Guts had changed. He thought she’s the only girl who was not flattered with his charm, she’s different…. she doesn’t go ga…ga… over his smile, He really found it strange. He started taking interest in her, Like— what she likes, where she stays, what she does in her free time, what makes her smile and how to impress her; in one word “love” Yes he was in love with guts. He started following her everywhere, and that really irritated Guts. Guts decided to quit from her job, ‘cos she couldn’t take pam any more.
Pam decided to tell her what he felt about her, one fine morning he went on his knees in front of the whole office staff, he proposed her that was a really embarrassing situation for Guts. She refused his proposal without even thinking for a second. He just kept wondering why she has to refuse him what’s the reason. No girl ever refused him in his whole life. But, he din lose hope as you know Amitabh Bachan said “don’t lose hope is the moral of the story”. He kept asking her, convincing her, started being friendly with her friend finally like every love story, she doesn’t say yes…………………….Why? Pam is really frustrated , He stops her on the way to office and insisted her on giving a reason for a ‘No’ He say’s that he really loves her and if given one chance by Guts .He will prove his love and make her love him too… She thinks for a while… and finally agrees on certain conditions. Guts says, “I will give you a chance Pam” , you can stay with me and prove yourself, but all this you have to do in 30 days If I’m convinced I’ll say Yes, but during this 30 days you are not going to question me or ask me for any explanation . “Pam was surprised but very happy too; he agreed to her condition, because he knew that
The ball was in his court and he has to play it right.

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