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How to Copyright for Free and Protect Your Content

Posted by Deepak Shetty on September 11, 2009

CopyrightMany times it happens you develop exclusive content and someone else uses it without having your permission as you have no copyright on that material. When you copyright your material, you are claiming it as your own so that others can’t copy or use it without your permission.. Now here is a website which shows  “How to Copyright for Free and Protect Your Content” for absolutely no money! in just 3 easy steps :

1)    Register on this site MyFreeCopyright
2)    Upload your original creation, and the site will create a digital fingerprint of it, store the fingerprint in a database and sends a copy of the fingerprint to you in an email.
3)    The email contains the verified date; the fingerprint verifies the digital creation, and your email address verifies it belongs to you.

Your content and creation is then registered and protected.

Note: You MUST keep the email that contains the fingerprint in it in order to make a claim at any point in the future as to the validity of your content.

So its time to get your digital fingerprints made today and don’t let anyone steel your content. As you are the one who has done all the hard work on it . There’s no reason for you not to copyright what you’ve done!


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Tips On Diet Which We Normally Neglect

Posted by Deepak Shetty on September 8, 2009

tips on diet which we normally neglect

Tips on diet which we normally neglect

Everyone knows the keys to losing weight, Eat less and exercise more.  Sounds simple enough, but in the context of real life and its demands, it can be anything but simple. You may think just losing weight would be satisfying. Of course it would be nice to fit into smaller clothes and be able to run without getting out of breath. What we eat has a profound effect on our mind as well as the body. It is not only important as to what we eat but it is equally important as to how we eat. I would like to share few tips on diet which we normally neglect which I came across while surfing the net

Fresh ginger with a small amount of salt should be taken 10 to 20 minutes before food. If possible

1.    The diet, properly chew especially hard substances
2.    Possibly intake of curd or buttermilk should follow food.
3.    The food should be tasty, fresh and good in appearance.
4.    It should neither be very hot nor absolutely cold.
5.    Avoid Drinking Water at least 15 minutes before food. The quantity of water after food should be small. Let it be drunk often.
6.    Heavy food should be taken in a limited quantity.
7.    Heavy food should not be taken at night. The proper time of night meal is two to three hours before going to bed. After night meal, it is better to go for a short walk, of say hundred steps.
8.    Heavy work or exercise should be avoided after food.
9.    After meals, heavy mental or physical work should be avoided.  Some rest is advisable for proper digestion of food.

Do follow this in your routine life , will help in getting the best out of what we eat.

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