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Maruti-Suzuki Cervo VS Nano Game On….

Posted by Deepak Shetty on March 30, 2009

Tatas stunned the world with a Rs 1 lakh car, Nano, which opened the market for a common man to make his dream come true of  buying a car . Now buzz is that auto biggie Maruti-Suzuki too is ready with its small car , the Suzuki car will be somewhat similar to rival Nano.

  • Make Suzuki Model Cervo Engine capacity 660 cc against Nano’s 623cc
  • Driving type Available in both 2WD and also 4WD
  • Steering position Right Hand Drive (steering wheel on the right side of car)
  • Transmission type Automatic gear Fuel Gasoline (Petrol)
  • Passenger capacity 4 (According to Japanese law)
  • Number of doors 5

suzuki-cervo-cars-indiaSuzuki is planning push out the long lasting master kid “Maruti 800” with the Japanese Suzuki Cervo which is the latest small car recently launched in Japan.Possibility is that the little car could hit the road , they say, as early as the end of this year . The car might cost Rs 1.5 lakh on road (that is, excluding insurance) – a little higher than Nano, which is expected to be Rs 1.25 lakh on road. The car might be called ‘Suzuki Cervo’ in India too.

Even Hyundai stated its intention to come out with a car that could cost less than Rs 2 lakh and hit the road by 2011. So even the budget cars according to me will come in varities giving people option to have the car of their choice and brand and hope with this even the Indian government comes with solutions to traffic problems in future.


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Whats Your Rashi ???

Posted by Deepak Shetty on March 20, 2009

Hi guys , do any of you read or try to find what your rashee (star sign) says about you .I am sure like me there are many who do that , whether you belive it or not , but still u like to know which day of the week is lucky for you , whats my lucky colour, what is my lucky number , which star signs is perfect match for me  and which are not , even though every newspaper, website, or magazine might tell different things about your rashi . But few things which I found very similar on the various websites related to horoscope , star sign , rashi  would like to share with all you guys.

Scorpio / Vrischik Rashi Symbol The Scorpion Ruling planet Pluto


Lucky day Tuesday

Lucky colours Deep red, maroon, brown

Lucky number 9

Birthstones Opal, ruby, bloodstone Metals Iron, steel, plutonium

Flowers All dark red flowers – especially rhododendrons and geraniums

Best partners Cancer, Taurus and Pisces

Worst partners Gemini, Leo and Aquarius

Aries / Mesh Rashi Symbol The Ram Ruling planet Mars


Lucky day Tuesday

Lucky colours All shades of red

Lucky number 9

Birthstones Ruby and garnet Metals Iron and steel

Flowers Aloes, cacti, chillies, garlic, honeysuckle, geraniums, ginger,

Best partners Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn

Worst partners Cancer

Taurus / Vrishabh Rashi Symbol The Bull Ruling planet Venus


Lucky day Friday

Lucky colours Pale blue, pale green, pink, all different kinds of pastel shades

Lucky number 6

Birthstones Emerald, jade Metals Brass, bronze, copper

Flowers Daisies, foxgloves, poppies, primroses, lilies, roses, violets

Best partners Capricorn, Virgo and Scorpio

Worst partners Aquarius and Leo

Gemini / Mithun Rashi Symbol The Twins Ruling planet Mercury


Lucky day Wednesday

Lucky colours Yellow, especially pale yellow

Lucky number 5

Birthstones Agate, topaz, striped stones generally Metals Mercury

Flowers Ferns, lavender, lily of the valley Trees Nut trees

Best partners Aquarius, Libra and Sagittarius

Worst partners Pisces, Scorpio and Virgo

Cancer / Karka Rashi Symbol The Crab Ruling planet The Moon


Lucky day Monday

Lucky colours White, silver, smoky grey, silvery blue,many different shades of green

Lucky numbers 2 and 7

Birthstones Moonstone, pearl Metals Silver

Flowers All white flowers – white roses, lilies, acanthus, convolvulus, water lilies

Best partners Pisces and Scorpio, possibly Capricorn

Worst partners Aries and Libra, possibly Capricorn!

Leo / Simha Rashi Symbol The Lion Ruling planet The Sun


Lucky day Sunday

Lucky colours Sunlight colours – yellow, gold, orange

Lucky number 1

Birthstones Diamond and amber Metals Gold

Flowers Sunflowers, marigolds, passion flowers, celandines, rosemary, cyclamen

Best partners Aries, Sagittarius, Pisces

Worst partners Taurus, Scorpio and often Aquarius

Virgo / Kanya Rashi Symbol The Maiden Ruling planet Mercury


Lucky day Wednesday

Lucky colours Fawn, grey, mushroom, blues, greens, muted yellows, brown

Lucky number 5

Birthstones Sardonyx Metals Mercury

Flowers Narcissus, all small brightly coloured flowers, especially blue and yellow

Best partners Capricorn and Taurus

Worst partners Gemini, Pisces and Sagittarius

Libra / Tula Rashi Symbol The Scales Ruling planet Venus


Lucky day Friday

Lucky colours Pink, most shades of blue, paler and lighter shades of green

Lucky number 6

Birthstones Jade, sapphire, turquoise, marble, all different kinds of quartz Metals Copper

Flowers Hydrangeas, big roses, lilies, violets,any type of blue flower

Best partners Aries, Aquarius and Gemini

Worst partners Cancer and Capricorn

Sagittarius / Dhanu Rashi Symbol The Archer Ruling planet Jupiter


Lucky day Thursday

Lucky colours Dark blue, violet and purple

Lucky number 3

Birthstones Topaz and amethyst Metals Tin, pewter, platinum

Flowers Asparagus, pinks, dock, carnations, dandelions – thought weeds by some

Best partners Aries and Leo

Worst partners Virgo and Pisces

Capricorn / Makara Rashi Symbol The Sea-Goat Ruling planet Saturn


Lucky day Saturday

Lucky colours Dark brown, dark green, grey and black

Lucky number 8

Birthstones Dark sapphires, black pearl, onyx, jet Metals Lead

Flowers Amaranthus, black poppies, heartsease, hemlock, ivy, pansy, nightshade

Best partners Taurus, Virgo and often Aries

Worst partners Libra

Aquarius / Kumbh Rashi Symbol The Water-Bearer Ruling planet Uranus


Lucky day Friday

Lucky colours Electric blue, turquoise and black,from former links with Saturn

Lucky number 4

Birthstones Amethyst and opal Metals Uranium, aluminium, maybe platinum

Flowers Orchids Trees Laburnum, citrus trees, most fruit

Best partners Gemini and Libra

Worst partners Taurus and Scorpio

Pisces / Meena Rashi Symbol The Fishes Ruling planet Neptune


Lucky days Thursday and Friday

Lucky colours Sea green, aquamarine, lilac and mauve

Lucky numbers 7, maybe 3

Birthstones Aquamarine, emerald, coral Metals Platinum, tin, zinc

Flowers Moss, seaweed, water lilies and other varieties of aquatic plants

Best partners Cancer, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius

Worst partners Gemini, Sagittarius and Virgo

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Eight Styles Of Indian Classical Dance

Posted by Deepak Shetty on March 17, 2009

India has a very rich tradition of classical dance. Each form has its own specialty & grace, along with a set pattern of costumes & make-up. Today the acknowledged classical styles are:

bharatanatyamBharatanatyam is a classic dance form originating in Tamil Nadu, a state in South India and is the known as the Indian National Dance. This dance form is a 20th century reconstruction of Cathir, the art of temple dancers. Cathir in turn, is derived from ancient dance forms. Bharatanatyam is usually accompanied by the classical Carnatic music. Bharatanatyam is considered to be a fire-dance — the mystic manifestation of the metaphysical element of fire in the human body. The movements of an authentic Bharatanatyam dancer resemble the movements of a dancing flame

kathakKathak, originated from northern India. This dance form traces its origins to the the nomadic bards of ancient northern India, known as Kathaks, or story tellers. These bards, performing in village squares and temple courtyards, mostly specialized in recounting mythological and moral tales from the scriptures, and embellished their recitals with hand gestures and facial expressions. It was quintessential theatre, using instrumental and vocal music along with stylized gestures, to enliven the stories.

kathakaliKathakali is a highly stylised classical Indian dance-drama noted for its attractive make-up of characters, their elaborate costumes, detailed gestures and well-defined body movements presented in tune with the anchor playback music and complementary percussion. It originated in the country’s southern state of Kerala during the 16th century AD, approximately between 1555 and 1605, and has been updated over the years with improved looks, refined gestures and added themes besides more ornate singing and precise drumming.

Deepika Reddy (musée Guimet)Kuchipudi (pronounced as ‘Koochipoodi’) is a Classical Indian dance form from Andhra Pradesh, a state of South India. The movements in Kuchipudi are quicksilver and scintillating, rounded and fleet-footed .Specifically there is the Tarangam of Kuchipudi which is unique in that the dancer must dance upon a brass plate, placing the feet upon the raised edges. The dancer moves the plate with much balance as the indiviudal is traditionally dancing on the plate with two diyas (small oil-burning candles) in his or her hands while balncing a “kundi” (small vessel) containing water on their head. At the end of the dance, typically, the dancer extinguishes the candles and washes his or her hands with the water from the vessel.

manipuri_dance1Manipuri dance is one of the major Indian classical dance forms. It originates from Manipur, a state in north-eastern India on the border with Myanmar (also known as Burma). The traditional Manipuri dance style embodies delicate, lyrical and graceful movements. The feet move is viewed as part of a composite movement of the whole body. The dancer’s feet are neither put down nor lifted up at the precise rhythmic points of the music but rather slightly earlier or later to express the same rhythmic points most effectively


Mohiniyattam is a traditional South Indian dance form Kerala, India. It is a very graceful dance meant to be performed as a solo recital by women. The term Mohiniyattam comes from the words “Mohini” meaning a woman who enchants onlookers and “aattam” meaning graceful and sensuous body movements. The word “Mohiniyattam” literally means “dance of the enchantress”.


Odissi is one of the classical dance forms of India.originates from the state of Orissa, in eastern India.The classic treatise of Indian dance, Natya Shastra, refers to it as Odra-Magadhi.It is particularly distinguished from other classical Indian dance forms by the importance it places upon the tribhangi (literally: three parts break), the independent movement of head, chest and pelvis, and upon the basic square stance known as chauka.

sattriyaSattriya the core of Sattriya Nritya has usually been mythological stories. This was an artistic way of presenting mythological teachings to the people in an accessible, immediate, and enjoyable manner. Traditionally, Sattriya was performed only by bhokots (male monks) in monasteries as a part of their daily rituals or to mark special festivals. Today, in addition to this practice, Sattriya is also performed on stage by men and women who are not members of the sattras, on themes not merely mythological.

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Will Kites Fly High For Hrithik???

Posted by Deepak Shetty on March 13, 2009

kitesmovie1Kites bought by Reliance Big Pictures for almost Rs 150 crore. A Collaboration between Mexican and Indian industry with crew assistance from Hollywood,  and a vision to go global “Kites” is all set to enthrall the audiences when it releases next June 2009. The film is produced by Rakesh Roshan, directed by Anurag Basu soundtrack produced by Rajesh Roshan . Hrithik Roshan, Barbara Mori and Kangana Ranaut in Kites play the lead role . Film has been made in two versions — one for the Indian market, the other for the overseas market. This film has an appeal not only for Indian viewers and NRIs, but also for an international audience. The Indian version has more Hindi dialogues, while the overseas one has more of English.

hrithik_kitesCast & Crew :

Hrithik Roshan : Jay, Barbara Mori : Natasha, Kangana Ranaut : Gina , Luce Rains : Bounty Hunter, Steven Michael Quezada : Cop, Nicholas Brown : Tony, Kabir Bedi : Bob, Anand Tiwari : Robin, Dave Colon : Mexican Policia, Yuri Suri : Jamaal, Ronald : Railyard, Hamilton : Worker, Clark Sanchez : Bounty Hunter. Directed by: Anurag Basu, Story : Rakesh Roshan Screenplay : Anurag Basu , Robin Bhatt , Akarsh Khurana, Music : Rajesh Roshan, Choreography : Flexy, Costume Design : Suneet Verma, Stunts : Edward A. Duran, Other Crew : Dante Cardone – Chief lighting , Wade Whitman – Location Mgr

Hrithik as (Jay ) plays a dance instructor a smart Las Vegan boy, who romances with two women and mori_barbara_kiteswanders around like a kite. Barbara Mori as Natasha Mexican night clubdancer who travels through India and while there she meets and falls in love witha salsa teacher. However, their love is not accepted because of their cultural differences. So they plan to marry, but when the family learns she instead is running away with Hrithik. The two love, fight, romance, argue, and makeup like 2 kites entangled together.  And eventually one day one of the kite flies away. Kangana Ranaut as Gina plays the spoilt rich brat, who is accustomed to get her whims and fancies fulfilled., who is Hrithik’s student, is madly in love with him and can go to any extend to get him to love her back . The plot is filled with adventure, romance and ofcourse dance.

The recent buzz is that a debut song sung by Hrithik in Kites in English for this film & Kangana has take up ballroom dancing. Lets hope like this year Hrithik bags all the awards .

Courtesy : hrithikrules, Google

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Celebrate Holi with bhang and thandai…..

Posted by Deepak Shetty on March 9, 2009

holiHoli (Rang Panchami) the festival of colour is celebrated all over the country with great festivity and joy. On this day, people come out wearing pure white clothes and gather together in a common place where they play with colors. Every state in India has its own way of celebrating holi, but one thing which has become common and part of holi is bhang and thandai .

Bhang is described as a beneficial herb that “releases anxiety”.Bhang preparations were sacred to Gods, particularly Shiva. One of Shiva’s epithets was “Lord of Bhang” as he is said to have discovered the transcendental properties of the mixture.

Whereas Thandai is embedded with the tradition of Holi as a refreshing and healthful drink. A glass of Thandai offers instant energy and sets the mood for playing with color. Infact, bhang thandai is used as a mood setter for the festival of Holi. And to set my mood on holi I do try to grab a glass of bhang thandai . If u planning to have a glass of bhang thandai heres the preparation for you which we normally follow :

1 1/2 litres water
1 1/2 cups sugar
1 cup milk
1 tbsp. almonds
1 tbsp. watermelon seeds peeled (commercially available)
1/2 tbsp. khuskhus (poppy seeds)
1/2 tbsp. saunf (aniseed)
1/2 tsp. cardamom powder or 15 whole pods
1/2 tsp. rose water (optional)
1 tsp. peppercorns whole
1/4 cup dried or fresh rose petals (gulkand variety)

•    Soak sugar in 1/2 litre of the water used.
•    Wash clean all other dry ingredients.
•    Soak in 2 cups of remaining water.
•    Allow all soaked items to stand for at least 2 hours.
•    Grind all soaked ingredients to a very fine paste.
•    Mix remaining water to the paste.
•    Place a strong muslin strainer over a large deep vessel and press through muslin with back of hands to extract the liquid into the vessel.
•    Add milk, sugar and rosewater to the extracted liquid.
•    Chill for a hour or two before serving.

Thandai Recipes:

250 gms sweetened condensed milk
1 1/2 litre milk10 almonds, soaked in water and peeled6 pepper corns
4 cardamoms, crushed
2 tsp fennel seeds (saunf)
1 tsp khus essence (poppy seeds)
Few ice cubes, crushed

Grind well the peeled almonds, cardamom and fennel seeds to a fine paste and mix with the rest of the ingredients. Strain the mixture well.
Take crushed ice cubes in a glass till half and fill the rest with the above mixture.
Serve garnished with rose petals.
Makes for 12 glasses
Preparation time: 5-10 minutes

Yes don’t drink too much of bhang it may even spoil your celebration of holi , a glass or two I would suggest. Have a Safe and Happy Holi

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Stay Thin,Flat Stomach,Reduce Fat,Flexible Body,Add Glow on Face
Get Thin with Flat Stomach,Flexible Body & Glow on Face in 12 steps
What does your birth alphabet say…….

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Get Thin with Flat Stomach,Flexible Body & Glow on Face in 12 steps

Posted by Deepak Shetty on March 4, 2009

Surya Namaskar gains  overall strength and flexibility to the body. Surya Namaskar fights aging and rejuvenates the entire body. They nurture the higher emotions of love, peace, compassion, bringing about a sense of harmony and well-being. While performing the 12 poses (asanas), breath coordination is important . A full round of Surya Namaskar is considered to be 2 sets of 12 poses first round with right leg and 2nd round with left leg. These exercises should be performed early in the morning, exposing your body to the sun’s rays. But if, for some reason, it cannot be performed in the morning you may do so in the evening on an empty stomach, in a well ventilated room.

PLS NOTE : Don’t eat anything atleast 3 hours before practicing. Do not overdo the exercise.

Click here : Multiple Benefits from Surya Namaskar



deepakyoga12 Stand facing the direction of the sun with both feet touching. Bring the hands together, palm-to-palm, at the heart. deepakyoga22Inhale and raise the arms upward. Slowly bend backward, stretching arms above the head. keeping your palms together



deepakyoga32Exhale and then bend forward until your hands touch your feet, Try to touch the forehead to the knees.

Do not bend the knees

Do not keep the neck tense

deepakyoga42Inhale and move the left leg back away from the body in a wide backward step. Keep the right leg and both the hands in the same position. Keep the right leg folded. Raise the head. The knee of the right leg will be bent. The knee of the left leg should touch the ground both arms are straight.Do not bend the neck forward.

Do not bend the elbows.



deepakyoga52While exhaling, Take the right leg backwards and keep it close to the left leg. Straighten both the legs and both hands. Keep the neck straight and site fixed. Keep both the toes erect. Take care that the neck, spine, thighs and the feet are in a straight line.Do not bend the arms.

Do not look towards the floor.

Do not bend the knees.

deepakyoga62Retaining the breath lower your knees, your chest and then your forehead, keeping your hips up and toes curled underDo not touch the thighs, hips, waist or abdomen to the floor.Do not touch the chin to the floor.

Do not let the elbows fall away from the body



deepakyoga71Inhale and slowly raise the head and bend backward as much as possible, bending the spine to the maximum.Keep the knees and toes on the floor. Push the neck backwards and site upwards .Do not let the legs or heels be apart.

Do not bend the elbows.

Do not hunch the shoulders towards the ears

deepakyoga53While exhaling, bring the left foot together with the right. Keep arms straight, raise the hips and align the head with the arms, forming an upward arch. Take the head and chin towards the chest.Do not bend the legs in the knees



deepakyoga43Inhale and move the left leg back away from the body in a wide backward step. Keep the hands and feet firmly on the ground, with the right foot between the hands. Raise the head.Do not bend the neck forward.

Do not bend the elbows

deepakyoga3Exhale bring the left leg forwards slowly bending forward, touching the earth with respect until the hands are in line with the feet, head touching knees.Do not bend the knees.

Do not keep the neck tense.



deepakyoga23Inhale and raise the arms upward. Slowly bend backward, stretching arms above the head. keeping your palms together deepakyoga13Stand facing the direction of the sun with both feet touching. Bring the hands together, palm-to-palm, at the heart.

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Stay Thin,Flat Stomach,Reduce Fat,Flexible Body,Add Glow on Face

Posted by Deepak Shetty on March 4, 2009

deepaksyogaposesSurya Namaskar a type of self worship and self vitalization. The Sanskrit word surya means sun. Namaskar is the Hindi word for Namaste, from the root nam, to bow. It is considered as the best exercise for human body Surya Namaskar is an appreciated exercise among people of all ages from kids to old age people. A full round of Surya Namaskar is considered to be 2 sets of 12 poses first round with right leg and 2nd round with left leg. Surya Namaskar is normally performed at sunsrise but u can perform whenever u rise up .

PLS NOTE : Don’t eat anything atleast 3 hours before practicing. Do not overdo the exercise.

Click here : To know about 12 poses of  Surya Namaskar

Benefits of Namaskar :

  • Regular practice of  Surya Namaskar helps to lose extra calories and reduce fat. It helps to stay thin. Practicing Surya Namaskar is the easiest way to be in shape.
  • Practicing Surya Namaskar is beneficial for the health of digestive system. It stretches the abdominal muscles. Regular practice of Surya Namaskar helps to lose excessive belly fat and gives flat stomach.
  • It tones up the nervous system and improves memory & produces health, strength, efficiency and longevity.
  • It promotes sleep and calms anxiety,refreshes the skin and prevents Skin disorders as well.
  • Activates the glands and regulates the hormone.
  • Surya-namaskar is a complete exercise to all the muscles and joints of the body
  • Practicing Surya Namaskar is beneficial for the health of digestive system. It stretches the abdominal muscles.
  • Regular practice of Surya Namaskar helps to lose excessive belly fat and gives flat stomach.
  • Sun salutation exercise helps to add glow on your face making facial skin radiant and ageless. It is the natural solution to prevent onset of wrinkles.
  • Daily practice of Surya Namaskar makes body flexible. It improves flexibility in spine and in limbs.
  • Surya Namaskar practice regulates irregular menstrual cycles.
  • Practicing Surya Namaskar ensures the easy childbirth. It helps to decrease the fear of pregnancy and childbirth.

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WINNERS OF 54th Filmfare Awards 09

Posted by Deepak Shetty on March 1, 2009

54th filmfare awards 09Filmfare Awards Ki Raat also considered as an award night equivalent to Oscars. It is considered one of the prestigious awards in the Indian film industry. Its 54th Filmfare Awards 2009 held on 28th February Hosted by Imran and Ranbir at Yash Raj Studios in Andheri, Mumbai. Here’s the list of Winners at the 54th Filmfare Awards 2009:

Best Film – Jodha Akbar
Best Director – Ashutosh Gowarikar (Jodha Akbar)
Best Actor – Hrithik Roshan – (Jodha Akbar)
Best Actress – Priyanka Chopra – Best Actress (Fashion)
Lifetime Achievement Award – Om Puri & Bhanu Athaiya
Best Music Director – AR Rahman (Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na)
Best Story – Abhishek Kapoor (Rock On)
Best Supporting Actor – Arjun Rampal (Rock On)
Best Supporting Actress – Kangna Ranaut (Fashion)
Best Playback Singer (Male) – Sukhwinder Singh (Haule Haule – Rab Ne Bana De Jodi)
Best Playback Singer (Female) – Shreya Ghoshal (Singh is Kinng)
Best Debut (Male) – Farhan Akhtar (Rock On) & Imraan Khan (Jaane Tu)
Best Debut (Female) – Asin (Ghajini)
RD Burman Upcoming Talent – Benny Dayal (Ghajini)
Best Costumes – Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!
Best Background Score – AR Rahman (Jodha Akbar)
Best Cinematography – Jason West (Rock On!)
Best Editing – Amit Pawar (Mumbai Meri Jaan)
Best Choreography – Longinus (Jaane Tu)
Best Lyricist – Javed Akhtar (Jashn-e-Bahara, Jodha Akbar)
Best Sound Design – Vinod Subramanyam (Rock On)
Best Visual Effects – John Deitz (Love Story 2050)
Best Action – Peter Heinn (Ghajini)

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