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Television Influences Children’s Behaviour !!

Posted by Deepak Shetty on July 25, 2010

TV’s are extremely well-liked and widespread. In every single household people have at least one or two TV sets, on which Kids spend too much time watching programs and shows which do not even bring them any knowledge. Somehow all adults and children become slaves of the television box. One finds it hard to talk to children particularly without anything being mentioned about the television, which proves that much of their lives are dedicated to the television. TV is viewed by families while having their dinner, supper, or even spending their free time, instead of taking up something more creative or something that would have far more advantages. Considering that the television displays a lot of violence in the programs, children are being subject to a lot of brutality and somehow watching TV harms their development.

Because when you come down to think on it, the time that the kid is spending on watching television is lesser time depleted on homework or having interesting exchanges with grown ups or other children. What is more is that watching TV late at night makes the children feel tired, which stops them from paying full attention in school during the day.

Recently What’s-on-India launched a show on Parental TV Guidance – My Child’s TeeVee, which is a 7 minutes’ show. It is an endeavor to create awareness amongst the parents about the adverse effects of excessive television viewing on their kids. The show will be hosted by the famous “Whirlpool Mom” Amrita Raichand and will have eminent doctors like Dr. Sanjeev Ahuja (Paediatrician) – Dr. L H Hiranandani Hospital, Mumbai and Dr. Narendra Kinger (Clinical Psycologist & Psychotherapist) – Cozy Clinique and Nursing Home, Mumbai.

These doctors will discuss and give insights on the adverse effects of excessive television on child’s psychology and the emerging need for parental guidance in television. The show will also highlight some must watch shows for kids, and provide expert ideas on how to handle kids of various age groups.

What’s-On-India has introduced the concept of television guidance to India for the first time. What’s-on-India has been committed to television guidance in India and with its unique proposition to viewers has introduced this show to educate parents on the importance and the need for parental guidance in today’s time and age. It’s time you start taking care of what your Kids are watching!!


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Volkswagen Vento Launched In India

Posted by Deepak Shetty on July 6, 2010

Volkswagen, has announced the launch of its all new Sedan, the New Vento in the Indian market. It will be the brand’s second volume model after its successful launch of the new Polo and will be coming as a premium entry level Sedan in the country.

There was a LIVE WEBCAST of the New Vento unveiling in Delhi today. The unveiling commenced at 2.00 pm. For exclusive pics of the launch click here:

The New Vento will be available in diesel and petrol variants, both which will be powered by 1.6 L engines and will be available in manual and automatic (petrol version with AT) transmissions in the market.

Its timeless, pure and authentic design clubbed with the quality engineering, sturdiness and driving dynamics which is a characteristic of the Brand Volkswagen will set a benchmark in its class.

Volkswagen has ensured that the New Vento is equipped with features like excellent suspension to provide great drivability on Indian roads, strong air conditioning to take care of extreme Indian weather, convenient legroom including comfortable rear seats, high ground clearance, safety features like Anti Braking Systems (ABS) and airbags and even a strong horn, necessary for safe driving in India.

The New Vento will be the seventh model from the Brand Volkswagen for the Indian market.

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