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Archive for August, 2009

Salsa Dancing In Seven Different Styles…

Posted by Deepak Shetty on August 31, 2009

salsa_dancingSalsa dancing is done on eight-beat music, with dancers moving on three beats, pausing for one beat, dancing for three beats, and pausing for one beat. The movement style is left-right-left-pause, then right-left-right-pause. During the pause in most salsa dancing some sort of flourish is utilized, be it a stomp of the foot, casting out the hand or kicking the lower leg. Salsa dancing is mostly a stationary dance, with little movement around the dance floor. Instead, dancers rely on the subtle movement of their legs and upper bodies to convey the energy of the dance. There are seven different styles of Salsa dancing.

Cuban Style :
Cuban salsa style is most similar to the original form of salsa rooted in Cuba. It is characterized by Afro Cuban style body movement which includes body isolation and hip movement. Cuban style salsa does not have many fast spins. Instead the movement is very circular as opposed to linear and partners tend to travel around each other. The hip movement is more noticeable in this style and stems from the pumping of the knees. The footwork is quite simple – the complexity lies in the arm work which requires the follower to have limber, flexible arms. Cuban style salsa is considered “male dominated” in the sense that the leader tends to be more showy and will create a greater push/pull feel for the follower then many other styles. Most Cuban style dancers tap on the pauses which are on the 4th and 8th beats if the dancers dance on 1. However, Cuban style salsa dancers do not always stay on the 1 beat and tend to stray depending on where the music takes them.

L.A. Style :
L.A. Salsa style  is very linear. It uses dips and arm styling. L.A. style is very flashy incorporating many flips and dips. L.A. style dancing is a pleasure to watch and a pleasure to dance New York / Mambo Style. New York style is more like Mambo. It makes use of body waves, free style footwork, shines, rib cage movements and shimmying.

Puerto Rican style :
Puerto Rican Salsa Style dancing can be danced on the “One” or the “Two” beat of the music, but it involves a tremendous amount of very technical footwork. There is more an emphasis on footwork, than in New York style.

Miami Style :
Although the Miami Salsa style has its roots in Cuba. This “tap & step” is a characteristic of Miami style salsa and you’ll know Salsa_danceit when you see it. Miami style salsa makes use of “ganchos” or arm-hooks, which is when one elbow is hooked over the partners elbow to create a kind of arm lock giving the leader leverage to move his partner via the arm.

Casino Style :
This is a cuban circular style and turn patterns involve a lot more double hand holds. The complex but spectacular turn patterns resemble a game of ‘twister’ from which the leader will emerge, without allowing the viewer to see how he’s done the ‘Houdini’ act. It’s very clever, and it’s the role of the follower to ‘hang on’ keep rhythm and not allow the leader to ‘trick’ her. Cuban style salsa also has a lot of solo work which involves rhythmic middle body movements derived from the old Cuban rumba. These movements have an afro –Cuban heritage and are also popular in Mambo.

This is a Group Dance originating in Cuba. It is danced to lively, up-beat salsa music. The couples dance in a circle executing moves called out by a leader. There is a constant changing of partners, which makes it a vivid and joyful spectacle. There are three groups of participants in every Rueda. The caller, who calls out the names of the moves that are to be danced, (He may also use hand signals in a loud club setting together with the call.) The leaders, usually the men, initiate the execution of the moves. The followers, usually the ladies, perform the moves as guided by the leaders.

Colombian Style:
Colombion Salsa Style is danced differently all throughout Colombia.  In Cali, it is more “showy”, in other, more rural parts of the country, it is danced more closely and tightly, with heads touching in some cases.  However, the underlying commonality is that there is no forward and backward motions of the feet.  It is simply what we call “Cumbia” style, which is feet alternating to the back or to the side.

No style is definitively better than the other. It’s all really a matter of taste. They are all fun to watch and exciting to dance. Many salseros take the time to learn all the different styles and even incorporate their own personal inventions to create their own style. Salsa has no boundaries so many of the styles’ combinations overlap, blurring the line between one style and another. The style taught at Dance Connection is predominantly, but not limited to, Miami/Casino style.


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Alen…I love you!!!

Posted by Deepak Shetty on August 21, 2009


Poem about love … Do read… just for fun. (ANU)

It happened one day…
I met him on the way…
The wind was clam …
We met each other in the farm…

He saw me…
I saw him…
We exchanged smiles…
We were friends!

We met daily…
Our time passed gaily…
We chatted a lot…
About just here ‘n’ there…

I knew as days passed, he care..
That feeling which came to me was very rare…
We had a lot of things to share..
We made a very nice pair…

One day he said..
He had to leave…
He  had to join work…
He was in the army…

I was sad…
Somewhat, really mad…
But nothing I could do…
He had to move..

The day came he had to leave…
We kissed each other goodbye…
He was waiting for the bus…
Standing in a queue…

When I gathered all courage…
And shouted ….Wait!
Alen ! I love you……….I love you…

Suddenly there was a gap…shshshzzzzzzzz
When mom waked me up… from my study…
With really a tight slappppppp…………..:-)


Note : I was in standard sixth when I wrote this poem…:-)..

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Hi Tech Pendrive Funny Video

Posted by Deepak Shetty on August 19, 2009

Hi Tech pendrive invented awesome whoever has invented this , best pen drive ever made this a latest technology with brains.

Its a kool invention very funny & really a funny video

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Mumbai, Bangalore, and Chennai Bus routes just click it…

Posted by Deepak Shetty on August 5, 2009

Mumbai involves the transport of millions of its citizens by train, road and water. Over 88% of the commuters in Mumbai use public transport (suburban trains or buses) as compared to other  metro cities . It is the most convenient, efficient and cheap form of transport. Mumbai has the largest organised bus transport network among major Indian cities. And one major problem most the people face using the bus transport is identifying which Bus No. travels through which route, than let it be a person staying in Mumbai from past 28 years like me or someone who come new to the city everyone is confused.

But now with which uses Google Maps to show the routes of buses in Mumbai, Bangalore, and Chennai. Just select the state and bus no. it shows you the entire route. The route is shown on the map with a coloured polyline and the bus stops on the route are shown with map markers.


It is also possible to search for a bus route by clicking on your start point and your destination on the map. then displays the best route for your chosen journey.

So guys now if you in any of these cities and have problem locating bus routes just log on this site it has really made commuting easy.

Mumbai gets Laser Show Garden To attract Tourism!!!

Mumbai Gateway of India Highest Tide in 100 years

Identify Fake Notes…

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Mumbai gets Laser Show Garden To attract Tourism!!!

Posted by Deepak Shetty on August 3, 2009

Mumbai has always been a place of tourist attraction, it has a long list of sites to be visited. Historical sites, contemporary wonders, archaeological sites, religious sites and natural wonders. Recently the Bandra Worli Sea Link was Inaugurated and now to add more to its attraction for tourists the city has got a garden equipped with multimedia laser show and musical fountains.

The Bharat Van Garden, situated at Marol in the western suburb of Andheri, was inaugurated on 2 August by Union Minister of State for Information and Technology Communications Gurudas Kamat yesterday. The garden, developed by Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC), is spread across a hillock over about five acres of land and MTDC had sanctioned Rs 7.33 crore for procuring and installing equipment for musical fountains and multimedia laser show.

The Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA) had carried out its beautification. After inauguration, Mr Kamat said, ” We have fulfilled our commitment and this garden is developed to promote tourism, it will be a special tourist attraction for all Mumbaikars and especially, the incoming domestic and foreign tourists in the city.”

This is a nice approach to add on to tourist attraction in mumbai, hope there are also measures taken to maintain the place after spending such a huge amount in making it .There are already objections coming up against it which I think should be solved as Mumbai is more famous for objections and protests along with development in the city.

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