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Unknown File Extensions Confused How To Open It ???

Posted by Deepak Shetty on January 31, 2010

Many times it happens people send you files with extensions which you are not able to access due to unknown extension. What do you do?…either go to google and search for  “how to open unknown file extension” or ask a friend. But what if there is one platform “Open With” where you can open almost any file on your computer.

OpenWith provides detailed information about most file extension and links to free programs that can open and create each type of file . For almost any file on your computer, the OpenWith Desktop Tool will tell you what type of file it is, and show you free programs that will open the file. It will even download them for you! You simply right click on a file and select “How do I open this?” and the OpenWith Desktop Tool will look up the file.

Many of the things you could download on your own not only costs money, but could also be riddled with Spyware and other nasties. All you need is a simple and fast way to open and view your files. OpenWith’s Desktop Tool is the perfect answer! It’s easy, it’s free, and it’s fast!


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Self Improvement is Self Confidence

Posted by Deepak Shetty on January 24, 2010

People are always searching for ways of Self Improvement and that often means looking inward and solving problems within themselves.

Speaking up in public, gatherings, parties, meetings can be embarrassing or nerve-wracking for many people. Even employees who are not normally shy feel panic at the thought of expressing ideas in front of the authorities or Boss. One can feel throat close up if asked to express an opinion. Or some people gather all the courage and try to take an initiative but by the time they do it the, the meeting is almost over, and the issue is effectively forgotten or sorted out. Some just plan and jot down points to communicate, however they do it when they are alone but can’t express when needed. Even if you are outspoken you’ll hesitate to communicate sometimes or may not put forward your point correctly.

To avoid all this and sound more confident there are some tips you can follow –

–          Don’t wait for anyone to start the discussion, fearing your ideas are not that great or you are too shy, have the courage to take an initiative in the discussion. If you have an idea or an opinion, the first few moments after the meeting starts is a great time to speak up. By offering to start the discussion, you take on the role of facilitator, instead of expert. Your idea may even get the credit for generating the eventual solution coming out of the discussion.

–          Start out with a statement that captures people’s attention.

–          As in letter writing the basic rule is use “You” instead of “I” , in the same way , while communicating  or discussing use “and” instead of “but”. As far as possible start your sentence positively, even if you don’t agree or contradict with the speaker. This helps you judge yourself when you are heard convincingly.

–          When you are discussing objective facts instead of values, use a phrase such as, “My experience has always been that…” or “My research indicates that…” that will help you give your opinion extra credibility.

–          Always end your discussion when you have made your point, if required always end with an offer to write out your ideas in more detail and send them on to the team later for their consideration or approval.

Follow this simple rules and improve yourself , improving oneself to speak  is being confident within.

Written by Anu.

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Ishqiya starring Naseeruddin Shah, Arshad Warsi and Vidya Balan

Posted by Deepak Shetty on January 19, 2010

Ishqiya, the much-awaited debut by director Abhishek Chaubey, starring Naseeruddin Shah (Khalujan) & Arshad Warsi (Babban) the movie is a tale of romance between individuals caught in a web of crime, suspense, passion and deceit. Two thieves are on the run from their boss, Salman Shahid (Mushtaq).They seek refuge with an old friend but instead meet his widow Vidya Balan (Krishna) . As they plan their escape, their time spent together draws the duo to her, Khalujan with his vision of old-fashioned love and Babban with his lascivious heart.

•    Naseeruddin Shah … as Khalujan/khalu. 51-year-old Khalujan is a pure romantic at heart. He is a bit of an odd cookie in the world of crime. Sure, he has a sharp mind and body and has been toughened up over the years living in the world of guns and gangsters; yet, he is very emotional and tender at the core.He wants to go back to his village and wants to settle down in a quiet, peaceful country life existence.Only, life had other plans for him. Love happens to him. Krishna happens to him.
•   Arshad Warsi … as Babban Hussain. 32-year-old Babban is in more ways than one, the antithesis of the kind of man his uncle is. If Khalujan is all heart and soul, Babban is all flesh and blood. He is hot-blooded, lustful and scoffs at the idea of true romantic love. Babban is cynical, indifferent to finer things in life and tough as nails. Through the course of the film, Babban discovers what it is to love and to be betrayed. It makes the dormant softer side of him come alive. Perhaps for the first time in his life, Babban cares, for Krishna.
•    Vidya Balan … as Krishna Verma. 30 years old, femme fatale, small-town girl, mysterious woman and forgotten widow: Krishna is a bundle of contradictions. She was seen as a woman madly in love, as an object of desire, as a vision of purity and she engaging herself in a lustful bout with another man.

Its even been said that the medium-budget flick made female audiences at a focus group screening uncomfortable. As a result, parts of the film were re-shot. Lets hope the movie is as great as its promos and songs and is a complete entertainer even after being re-shot!!!

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