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Gutur Gu India’s first silent comedy on SAB TV

Posted by Deepak Shetty on March 5, 2010

SAB TV India’s leading family entertainment comedy channel is coming up with a breakthrough concept in TV shows-Indian Television’s first silent comedy show titled, ‘Gutur Gu’, starring the beautiful Sheetal Maulik and the versatile Sunil Grover as the main lead along with Nayan Bhatt, Bhawna Balsaver, Jaidutt Vyas and K.K.Goswami. This one of a kind silent comic series is set to air Every Friday starting March 05, 8.30pm on SAB TV channel.

Gutur Gu is a simple story of a family with adorable and charming characters. This high speed silent series is based on a character called Balu, a simple, innocent and super enthusiastic character who invariably manages to get into misadventures in his otherwise dull and routine life. Balu somehow succeeds in turning even mundane situations into indigenous adventures.

The episodes feature a series of incidents and confusions that follow in everything that Balu does, as he invariably manages to get into misadventures. He also has a body builder neighbor who troubles and beats him up. However, Balu somehow succeeds to turn even mundane situations into indigenous adventures.

The show is being produced for SAB by Mr.B.P.Singh of CID and Aahat fame and is being directed by Prabal Barua.

So join the SAB family, sit back, relax and enjoy the half an hour of India’s first silent comedy show ‘Gutur Gu’ every Friday, starting March 05 2010, 8.30pm only on SAB. Indeed Aasli maaza sab ke sath.

To get more updates join the facebook fanpage : Gutur Gu


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SAB Fantastic Family Entertainment Channel

Posted by Deepak Shetty on December 12, 2009

Gone are the days…when I used to come from office, stressed and tired and to top it I used to fight with my mom for the remote, she used to watch the depressing Saas- Bahu serials and I used to end my day with a pathetic family drama, however it’s not the same, thanx to Jethalal ‘m sure you all know him…Taarak Mehta Ka ooltah Chashma” one of the super hit serial of SAB TV. Infact, I must thank SAB TV for giving us such fantastic family entertainment. My entire family enjoys watching this show, followed my many interesting shows like FIR”, “”, “Lapataganj, and more… All this shows act as stress-busters, it is actually made a difference in my lifestyle.

“Asli maza Sab Ke Sathh atta hai” truly said. ‘m sure, you agree with me, I must not miss telling you about another upcoming show, Sajan Re Jhoot Mat Bolofrom 14th Dec.09 – 9pm onwards…

‘Sajan Re Jhoot Mat Bolo’ is a situational comedy that arises from a small lie that the protagonist, Apoorva (Sumeet Raghavan), had to tell his boss Dhirubhai Jhaveri (Tiku Talsania)to gain employment. The high on this fun and frolic show revolves around a very successful businessman Dhirubhai who despises everything related to lies and liars. He is a staunch believer in the cultural values and family bonding.

Apoorva who was raised in an orphanage manages to get a job in Dhirubhai’s company. In order to gain Dhirubhai’s trust and knowing well his fondness for traditional Indian joint families, Apoorva lies that he has a full-fledged family back home. Soon Dhirubhai gets smitten by the description of Apoorva’s imaginary family.

Furthermore, Apoorva’s dedication and hard work wins Dhirubhai’s trust. Over time, Apoorva catches the eye of Arti, Dhirubhai’s niece who is young, beautiful, and optimistic and believes in the same values as her uncle. He too develops a liking for Aarti, but refrains from expressing his feelings to her.

Marriage proposals start pouring in for Aarti (Mughda Chapekar). Hence Dhirubhai fixes her marriage with a potential groom but it is later called off. Dhirubhai then decides to marry off Aarti with Apoorva. He announces that the marriage will take place in India, in the presence of Apoorva’s family. Apoorva tries to convey the truth to Aarti but realizes that it will break her heart as she has always longed to be part of a joint family. A helpless Apoorva seeks help from his best friend Rajesh (Rajiv Thakur) to arrange for his fake family at the earliest .

Committed to their friendship, Rajesh in a short span of time gets together a set of people who can stage as Apoorva’s family to meet Dhirubhai and Aarti. From here on begins a non-stop comical journey in which the family members, who are from varied backgrounds, try to find their feet in their new characters and live up to Dhirubhai and Aarti’s expectations.

It sounds lot of fun to me ….Don’t miss to watch it!

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