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Edit,Resize Images Without Installing Software?

Posted by Deepak Shetty on November 26, 2008


Dear Friends, Photo editing is no more a miracle, you need not depend on anyone even if you don’t know how to use the software. Don’t keep Guessing… just go on reading, when I was going thru the web, I just came across this most amazing online application .

The perfect Photo Editor for you! PicResize , It is advanced yet extremely user-friendly and easy photo editing application. PicResize is not only free, but also there are no accounts to sign up for.
Let’s quickly go thru the fantabulous advantages:
    It’s easy to use.
    Simply upload your photo. Then click in the upper left-hand corner,where you want your new photo to “begin”.
    Move your mouse down and to the right, and click again at the bottom right where you want the box to end.
    Click “Continue”, and the picture is automatically cropped for you.
    Choose a size to make the photo.
    Choose from one of many other options, such as sharpen, blur, fading, and several others.

Once it is finished, you will see the following: Success! PictureName.jpg has been resized.
Just So Simple! I know you will start right now!!

Please Note:
PicResize will only resize your images and will not give you webspace to host them, so be very quick to Download and Save your resized image! Coz’ the resized image will be automatically deleted from the servers within 20 minutes.

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Your Photo with Paris Hilton,David Beckham,Angelina Jolie Like ME:

Posted by Deepak Shetty on November 15, 2008


On PhotoFunia, you will get many kinds of effects , Click on any of the pre-defined effects, and then browse your computer to choose a photo. PhotoFunia will automatically apply your selected effect to that picture before displaying it!Once your picture is ready, you can save it to your computer, save it to ImageShack,or save it out as an avatar. So enjoy guys

me7 angelinna

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