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Fashion Ka Hai Ye Jalwa!

Posted by Deepak Shetty on October 9, 2008

Fashion Ka Hai Yeh Jalwa!

Fashion Ka Hai Ye Jalwa!

Hello Ladies!!
If you want to be aware of the latest trend and know what fashion is all about, then I have an excellent article for you!
All you ladies can look exceptionally gorgeous and amazing with some basic tips and suggestions-
Let’s hear it from my friend Aanal who is a Fashion and Jewelry Designer.
According to Aanal fashion is not just to wear clothes of the current trend, but it should also match with your figure and personality. Few of the factors that define your fashion statement are body frame, skin tone, level of comfort and personal attitude.
1. Choose your outfits in your best colors. Start with 3 colors that look great on you and build around those.
2. for workout clothes buy a sweat suit that suits you in color and shape. You will always look great leaving the gym and won’t be too embarrassed to stop into a store to pick something up on the way home.
3. Jeans are a great casual item and look better if they are in good condition and are more slimming if they are in a darker color.
4. Women find it difficult to get jeans to fit well and often wear jeans that are not very flattering. To find the perfect jeans for your body type takes a little work, time and patience and you may have to try on a good number of pairs before you find the right fit.
5. Stay away from tight fitting pants or jeans if you do not have slim thighs. A looser fit is much more slimming and flattering.
Here we have discussed some of the fashion tips which are extremely important as per the women’s fashion point of view.
Listen to what people are saying about how you look. Are they commenting on the clothes or are they saying that YOU look fabulous? Usually a few minor adjustments to style or color can make all the difference.
Just by changing the shade of one particular color and style of dress can be the start of finding the real beauty within. Your inner beauty may have lain static for far to long all because you took for granted that the first bright lime green luminous blouse you ever tried on was not for you, therefore leaving you resisting future fashion garments in green, But did you ever consider replacing that lime green blouse for pretty cowl neck musky jade shade.. Also a change of hairstyle can alter your whole image along with the color that you banished from the wardrobe.
Remember, you create your very own style. Have fun!
Aanal Johal
Special Thanks ‘Aanal for all the look good tips!

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