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Incredible India!

Posted by Deepak Shetty on May 30, 2010

There are many things in life, we just knowingly ignore, or I’m not sure though we are aware we just don’t want to think of it…
Wondering! Yeah…I did not think actually when I started writing and now it really makes me feel guilty when I realize how something’s are manipulated and we are one reason behind all this…

Don’t you think we live in a nation –

– Where pizza delivers home faster than Ambulance and Police
– Where you can get car loan @8% but Education loan @ 12%
– 76 Police men were killed mercilessly but media is busy showing the news of failed sports
persons (Sani and Shoiab)
– Where rice is Rs.40per kg but SIM cards are free.
– Where a millionaire can buy a cricket team instead paying taxes to government and donating
to charity
– Where people are sitting at tea stall reading an article on child labour n say yaar baccho se kam
karvanalo ko fansi lagana chahiye  & then shout ‘are chotu chai de.’

Incredible India! Isn’t It

Did we ever think why all this happens, do we have answers, is there a solution ever for all this ???


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Movie Fired Featuring Rahul Bose | Preview

Posted by Deepak Shetty on May 1, 2010

Sex and Nudity are the hottest subject whether to write, speak or ban…and the film industry is the place where such controversies on script take place everyday. There are ‘n’ numbers of critics who point out flaws and we don’t get to see a good movie or sometimes it is better not to see it…

iDream Productions supernatural flick – “Fired” featuring Rahul Bose with sizzling British model Militza Radmilovic Directed by Sajit Warrier , have run into trouble with the censor board.

The promos of the movie have been deemed inappropriate to be aired on television. The reason given by the Censor Board was that there was too much blood and gore as well as nudity in a certain scene in the film.

According to Cable television Network (Regulation) Act, TV promos with A certificate cannot be aired on any Indian channel. The producers have been given an A certificate for the promos even after they removed nudity and toned down the violent scenes from the promos.

Rahul Bose, who stars in the film, feels the Censor board has forgotten to take things in the right context. “I feel we have a misplaced sense of censorship. What I feel is gory or vulgar, somebody else might not. Even for the sex scene, I feel people are more mature now and so self-censorship should be the key.”

The movie is about Joy Ahluwalia (Rahul Bose) who is the CEO of the company at the H.W.L.S head office in London. As the world faces the economic crisis the company is no exception and is smacked by the situation adversely. To overcome the situation and prove oneself , Joy decides to fire more than half the employees amongst these employees is also a lady manager Ruby (Militza Radmilovic), with whom Joy has been having an affair since long  But this affair was distracting him in his personal and professional life.

After a tiring day with loads of work and sniping off the employees, Joy prepares himself for board meeting and to prove his ability. However Joy soon realizes and gets an intuition of some supernatural force in his office. This makes Joy’s living horrifying and his spending of time in the empty office becomes grisly. He soon realizes the reason for the trauma being his deed of firing the employees and it’s their curse that has been turning office into hell.

The producers were advised to remove the nudity and tone down the violent scenes. Even after that, Vinayak thought the promo still deserved ‘A’! This has now upset the film-makers.

Meanwhile, the blood splattered posters of the film, with Militza’s amply exposed cleavage, are grabbing a lot of eyes nowadays.

So folks all we can do is, let’s await a watch!

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