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Mumbai Cyclothon India’s Biggest Cycling Event

Posted by Deepak Shetty on February 24, 2010

The Salman Khan Foundation launched India’s first ever international cycling event, ‘Mumbai Cyclothon – Tour De Mumbai’ which was held at Bandra Reclamation, received tremendous response, with enthusiasts from all walks of life such as International cyclists, National cyclists, Amateur cyclists, Cycling aficionados, Working professionals, Housewives and School children participating, thereby adding colour and fervour to the whole experience. Organized by Sport18, the sports marketing division of the Network18 group and ID Sports – a sports management company, the event also witnessed participation from a host of celebrities, government officials, officials from International Cycling Union (UCI), Cycling Federation of India (CFI), Maharashtra Cycling Association (MCA) and Corporates.

“The main aim of promoting cycling through the Being Human Tour De Mumbai – Mumbai Cyclothon is to bring professional international cycling to India. Moreover it’s the best and easiest way to keep your heart healthy and fight the increasing risk of heart diseases that seems to be plaguing our people at a very young age”, said Dr. Akil Khan, Chairman and Managing Director, ID sports, adding a health and fitness dimension to this event. On this occasion, ID Sports launched India’s first healthcare online portal, that intends to enable rural India to have access to the best doctors in the country through the portal.

In addition to TI Cycles as the title sponsor for Mumbai Cyclothon, various other Corporates extended their association and participation in the event. Some of leading brands from corporate India namely Provogue, Union Bank of India, ICICI Lombard Health Insurance, Tata Group, Gitanjali, Reebok, Gatorade, Nature Valley, Volini, Nokia, Lilavati, Times of India, Bisleri, Gold’s Gym, Trident, MTV, CNBC-TV18, CNN-IBN, Bright Outdoors, Lilavati Hospitals, Topspin and John Gloster were on-board as partners.  The KBS foundation in an indication of its support to cyclothon organized a Car-Free Day at Carter Road today. Partners like Red FM, Cinemax, Reebok and Café Coffee Day in the lead up to the event engaged with their consumers through in-house promotional activities.

Note: Being Human, The Salman Khan Foundation is a trust set up by Salman Khan for helping the cause of the underprivileged. The foundation has two focus areas education and healthcare. Being Human was started by Salman Khan by investing his own money. In order to increase the reach and corpus of the Foundation, Salman Khan  has  undertaken  initiatives  such  as  Being  Human  art  and  Being  Human merchandise.   Proceeds from the sale of art and merchandise support Being Human, the Salman Khan Foundation.


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McDowell Signature Indian Derby 2010 – Unparelled Glamour and Jaw-Dropping Rendition …

Posted by Deepak Shetty on February 17, 2010

I witnessed the Richest Individual Sporting Event in India with an over Rs 2 crore prize purse. The event was on 6th and 7th of Feb’10, at Mahalaxmi racecourse.

I was all the most excited cos’ I had never been to a derby all my life, being from a middle class family , I thought these things were a class apart. However, it was not too late to change my perception. Fortunately, I got an invite from one of my colleagues and witnessed the most wonderful, classy, bold, powerful and the most stylish event. It was rocking!

The custom-designed 16000 sq ft air-conditioned hanger hosted all the performances and entertainment acts 2010, including carnival bazaar, flea market, Spiritz & More, etc. The crowd was cheering the racers, the racers were speeding up for a win, the glitters and glamour of the well choreographed Fashion show was top of the world. Glen Jackson indeed revived memories of the great showman Michael Jackson, and internationally-acclaimed vocalist ‘Kaiya’s’ tribute to Tina Turner lit up the show.

The electrifying confluence of sport, fashion, fun unparallel glamour, high-energy excitement and jaw-dropping rendition was truly a feel good experience

Friends’ I must say it was a definitely world class bold and stylish event celebrated by McDowell Signature Indian Derby ‘2010.

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Harishchandrachi Factory Worth a Watch

Posted by Deepak Shetty on February 13, 2010

Director Paresh Mokashi deserves a pat on his back for making such a low budget film Harishchandrachi Factory with such great actors, and such interesting direction.

Harishchandrachi Factory traces Phalke’s journey to making his first film, and the hardships he faced while doing it.

As an average Indian I would identify Dadasaheb Phalke as the first Indian to make a feature film (Raja Harishchandra) and as many others I also knew about the prestigious Dadasaheb Phalke award which is instituted for lifetime contribution to cinema. But beyond that not much has been commonly known about the life and times of the father of Indian cinema. So almost a century after the first Indian film was released in 1913, comes a film on what went into the making of that film. It amazes how an idea as basic as this remains untouched by any storyteller so far. The uniqueness of this brain wave is efficiently exploited by debutante writer-director Paresh Mokashi who reintroduces Dadasaheb as Dhundiraj Govind Phalke, a common man with uncommon vision in Harishchandrachi Factory.

The film works largely because of the compelling and convincing portrayal of Dadasaheb Phalke by Nandu Madhav. As an eccentric, workaholic man bursting with confidence, he is extremely poised and confident in his performance. I’m must say he is just been amazing all throughout the film. Vibhawari Deshpande as Phalke’s wife and support system is equally efficient. The two boys playing their sons are good enough while the supporting cast lends adequate support. I’m highly impressed by the lady “Vibhawari Deshpande…she’s done full justice to the character, hats off’ for her patience and support. Dadasaheb was really lucky to have a better half like her, the entire credit of his success goes to his wife and his children…It’s truly said behind “Every successful man there is a women.” There is no better example then this. This movie is a tribute to Indian cinema and Dadasaheb Phalke.

This movie is worth a watch. It is motivational and an exclusive treat to the viewers.

Harishchandrachi Factory is an institution in itself.

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Mumbai On Mobile !!!

Posted by Deepak Shetty on February 11, 2010

While Mumbai’s train are famous for their efficiency and crowdedness, there is another form of transport used widely by Mumbaikers. This is the bus. While it can take a while to travel  by bus in mumbai , it gives you a unique street-view of the city, and often is the connection between the train stations and your point of destinations.

Daily more than 42 lakh people are traveling using Mumbai Bus and most of the times you must have observed people are quite confused as they don’t have any information about which bus goes where. At times someone gets into wrong bus or many times people keep asking at bus stop, which bus he/she should take to go to XYZ place. There are tourists come to mumbai, are travelling using booklet .
So here is a solution to these problems search City Bus on Mobile, without SMS, without GPRS search your bus in less than 10 second, less than 10 keystrokes all you have to do is go to this site & click on Download Mobile 4 Mumbai .
Pre-Launch features
•    No need to send and spend on SMS!
•    No GPRS (Internet on mobile)
•    User friendly
•    Search bus within 10 key strokes! In less than 10 seconds
•    Works on Mobile Phone of Rs. 3000/- also (j2me compatible!)
•    Better than the BEST ! Get all names of small bus stops which are not available even on BEST official website !!!
•    Simpler than Google, Yahoo, Rediff Maps if you are travelling using Bus in Mumbai !

Click here to see the routes of buses in Mumbai, Bangalore, and Chennai online

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