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Stay Motivated to Lose Weight

Posted by Deepak Shetty on January 3, 2009


How do you squash that little voice – the one that whispers: “Just one bite!” or “You’ll never do it” or “this diet is so boring”?
By having a strong incentive.

* What’s The Best Type of Incentive?
The best incentives are SPECIFIC, SELFISH and TIME-RELATED.

For example:
– “My Sister has promised me a 22 carat diamond watch for every 10 pounds I lose.”

– “My best friend is seeing the girl I always liked, I cudn’ approach her, cos’ ‘m fat, I must lose weight, look good and get her back.”

– “I’m meeting my fashion photographer at the end of the month.”

– “I’m going on a beach holiday in 3 months and I need serious body sculpture!”

– “I want to keep fit and healthy.”

– “My brother is gonna’ gift me a sports bike.”

These answers are specific, selfish and mostly time-related. So they are MUCH more likely to keep you on track. (I’m sure you can think of tons of other suggestions)

These are some ways to stay motivated when you’re trying to lose weight? I’ve found one resource that may help you, over at Gyminee.

Gyminee is a free website full of different ways to help you maximize your weight loss and fitness goals, and keep you on track. Once you sign up for your free account, you’ll have access to all of the benefits the site has to offer:

•    Workout Programs
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•    Fitness Challenges
•    Exercise Library
•    Fitness Group
•    Forums

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