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Check Internet Speed Online!!!

Posted by Deepak Shetty on April 25, 2010

Like Television, mobile phones having internet connection has become an important part of our life. Getting internet connection has become, much easier as there are so many internet providers with some interesting high speed internet connection schemes. But after taking the connection we just feel that we not getting the right kind of speed that the provider claims for. But now you can check your internet connection speed online without downloading any tool, all you need to do is go to the site Click START button to check the Internet speed test. This Internet speedometer shows only the downloading Bandwidth test speed of the Internet connection. The analog speedometer shows the speed of Downloading and also Uploading internet bandwidth test speed. Analog speedometer will open in another site. It will be taking more time to load, when your Internet speed is low.

Details for Internet Speed Test:
The Internet speed test or Bandwidth test Internet speedometer is absolutely free to know internet connection speed. You can find your internet connection’s data transfer speed by using Bandwidth test Internet speedometer. While you are checking the Internet speed test by our digital Internet Speedometer, avoid using other works on Internet.

You can use the following links check your internet connection
1.    ThinkBroadband Speed Test Tool
2. Speed Test
3. Speed Test Tool
4.    Speak Easy Speed Test
5. Tool
6. Speed Test
7.    Firefox Addon Speed Test
8. Speed Test
9.     Broadband Watchdog Speed Test
10.   DSL Reports
11.   ByWild Speed Test
13. Speed Test
14.   Bandwidth Place Speed Test

The Results may show big changes but that would be because of the broadband fluctuations. Make sure you have the promised broadband internet speed!

Note: For slower Internet speed the analog speedometer will take long time to load the Bandwidth test Internet speedometer.


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