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Free AUTO and TAXI FARE Calculator On Your MOBILE

Posted by Deepak Shetty on September 13, 2010

As we all know recently there has been hike in fares of rickshaw and taxi in Mumbai. Many of us are still clueless about the new fares or how the fare is to be calculated on the basis of meter reading and many times we end up paying more. But now thanks to technology & free applications that has come up with a solution to this problem.

If you are travelling in places like Mumbai, Navi Mumbai (Thane), Delhi, Pune & Ahmedabad with a GPRS/EDGE phone, all you have to do is visit – enter the metered amount into the input box and hit on the “Auto & Taxi Fare” button to know the amount you have to pay. A perfect Auto & Taxi Fare calculator that will show you the amount you have to pay during day time and also after midnight where additional charges are applicable.

There is also second option for Mumbaikar’s an Auto & Taxi Fare Tariff mobile application compatible with most of the Java Mobiles with size as small as Approx 56kb. NO GPRS connection required & it’s FREE .

[ Step 1 – Download Text/Image Version ]
1)Please click any of the Links to Download.
Text Version: Download Now ,
Image Version: Download Now ,
WAP Download Install: Simply type ‘‘ to download directly from GRPS enabled mobile.

2) Transfer the JAR file via Bluetooth/Data cable to your Mobile Phone, Just click to install it.

[ Step 2 – See your Unique Mobile ‘LICENSE ID’ ]
Go to Main menu “Register” option, Read instructions Displayed and Press OK and you will see 6 DIGIT Numeric License ID of Mumbai Local

[Step 3 – Get FREE ‘License KEY’ to open and start using software.]
Go to Auto Taxi Tariff Card Software link and click on GET LICENSE KEY link to get your key. Add that KEY to next space available to LICENSE ID.

So now no more getting cheated you can pay CORRECT & EXACT Auto and Taxi meter fare charges thanks to & meter down Application for making things so easy for localitze & travelers


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