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Free AUTO and TAXI FARE Calculator On Your MOBILE

Posted by Deepak Shetty on September 13, 2010

As we all know recently there has been hike in fares of rickshaw and taxi in Mumbai. Many of us are still clueless about the new fares or how the fare is to be calculated on the basis of meter reading and many times we end up paying more. But now thanks to technology & free applications that has come up with a solution to this problem.

If you are travelling in places like Mumbai, Navi Mumbai (Thane), Delhi, Pune & Ahmedabad with a GPRS/EDGE phone, all you have to do is visit – enter the metered amount into the input box and hit on the “Auto & Taxi Fare” button to know the amount you have to pay. A perfect Auto & Taxi Fare calculator that will show you the amount you have to pay during day time and also after midnight where additional charges are applicable.

There is also second option for Mumbaikar’s an Auto & Taxi Fare Tariff mobile application compatible with most of the Java Mobiles with size as small as Approx 56kb. NO GPRS connection required & it’s FREE .

[ Step 1 – Download Text/Image Version ]
1)Please click any of the Links to Download.
Text Version: Download Now ,
Image Version: Download Now ,
WAP Download Install: Simply type ‘‘ to download directly from GRPS enabled mobile.

2) Transfer the JAR file via Bluetooth/Data cable to your Mobile Phone, Just click to install it.

[ Step 2 – See your Unique Mobile ‘LICENSE ID’ ]
Go to Main menu “Register” option, Read instructions Displayed and Press OK and you will see 6 DIGIT Numeric License ID of Mumbai Local

[Step 3 – Get FREE ‘License KEY’ to open and start using software.]
Go to Auto Taxi Tariff Card Software link and click on GET LICENSE KEY link to get your key. Add that KEY to next space available to LICENSE ID.

So now no more getting cheated you can pay CORRECT & EXACT Auto and Taxi meter fare charges thanks to & meter down Application for making things so easy for localitze & travelers


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Check Internet Speed Online!!!

Posted by Deepak Shetty on April 25, 2010

Like Television, mobile phones having internet connection has become an important part of our life. Getting internet connection has become, much easier as there are so many internet providers with some interesting high speed internet connection schemes. But after taking the connection we just feel that we not getting the right kind of speed that the provider claims for. But now you can check your internet connection speed online without downloading any tool, all you need to do is go to the site Click START button to check the Internet speed test. This Internet speedometer shows only the downloading Bandwidth test speed of the Internet connection. The analog speedometer shows the speed of Downloading and also Uploading internet bandwidth test speed. Analog speedometer will open in another site. It will be taking more time to load, when your Internet speed is low.

Details for Internet Speed Test:
The Internet speed test or Bandwidth test Internet speedometer is absolutely free to know internet connection speed. You can find your internet connection’s data transfer speed by using Bandwidth test Internet speedometer. While you are checking the Internet speed test by our digital Internet Speedometer, avoid using other works on Internet.

You can use the following links check your internet connection
1.    ThinkBroadband Speed Test Tool
2. Speed Test
3. Speed Test Tool
4.    Speak Easy Speed Test
5. Tool
6. Speed Test
7.    Firefox Addon Speed Test
8. Speed Test
9.     Broadband Watchdog Speed Test
10.   DSL Reports
11.   ByWild Speed Test
13. Speed Test
14.   Bandwidth Place Speed Test

The Results may show big changes but that would be because of the broadband fluctuations. Make sure you have the promised broadband internet speed!

Note: For slower Internet speed the analog speedometer will take long time to load the Bandwidth test Internet speedometer.

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Mumbai On Mobile !!!

Posted by Deepak Shetty on February 11, 2010

While Mumbai’s train are famous for their efficiency and crowdedness, there is another form of transport used widely by Mumbaikers. This is the bus. While it can take a while to travel  by bus in mumbai , it gives you a unique street-view of the city, and often is the connection between the train stations and your point of destinations.

Daily more than 42 lakh people are traveling using Mumbai Bus and most of the times you must have observed people are quite confused as they don’t have any information about which bus goes where. At times someone gets into wrong bus or many times people keep asking at bus stop, which bus he/she should take to go to XYZ place. There are tourists come to mumbai, are travelling using booklet .
So here is a solution to these problems search City Bus on Mobile, without SMS, without GPRS search your bus in less than 10 second, less than 10 keystrokes all you have to do is go to this site & click on Download Mobile 4 Mumbai .
Pre-Launch features
•    No need to send and spend on SMS!
•    No GPRS (Internet on mobile)
•    User friendly
•    Search bus within 10 key strokes! In less than 10 seconds
•    Works on Mobile Phone of Rs. 3000/- also (j2me compatible!)
•    Better than the BEST ! Get all names of small bus stops which are not available even on BEST official website !!!
•    Simpler than Google, Yahoo, Rediff Maps if you are travelling using Bus in Mumbai !

Click here to see the routes of buses in Mumbai, Bangalore, and Chennai online

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Unknown File Extensions Confused How To Open It ???

Posted by Deepak Shetty on January 31, 2010

Many times it happens people send you files with extensions which you are not able to access due to unknown extension. What do you do?…either go to google and search for  “how to open unknown file extension” or ask a friend. But what if there is one platform “Open With” where you can open almost any file on your computer.

OpenWith provides detailed information about most file extension and links to free programs that can open and create each type of file . For almost any file on your computer, the OpenWith Desktop Tool will tell you what type of file it is, and show you free programs that will open the file. It will even download them for you! You simply right click on a file and select “How do I open this?” and the OpenWith Desktop Tool will look up the file.

Many of the things you could download on your own not only costs money, but could also be riddled with Spyware and other nasties. All you need is a simple and fast way to open and view your files. OpenWith’s Desktop Tool is the perfect answer! It’s easy, it’s free, and it’s fast!

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How to Copyright for Free and Protect Your Content

Posted by Deepak Shetty on September 11, 2009

CopyrightMany times it happens you develop exclusive content and someone else uses it without having your permission as you have no copyright on that material. When you copyright your material, you are claiming it as your own so that others can’t copy or use it without your permission.. Now here is a website which shows  “How to Copyright for Free and Protect Your Content” for absolutely no money! in just 3 easy steps :

1)    Register on this site MyFreeCopyright
2)    Upload your original creation, and the site will create a digital fingerprint of it, store the fingerprint in a database and sends a copy of the fingerprint to you in an email.
3)    The email contains the verified date; the fingerprint verifies the digital creation, and your email address verifies it belongs to you.

Your content and creation is then registered and protected.

Note: You MUST keep the email that contains the fingerprint in it in order to make a claim at any point in the future as to the validity of your content.

So its time to get your digital fingerprints made today and don’t let anyone steel your content. As you are the one who has done all the hard work on it . There’s no reason for you not to copyright what you’ve done!

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Hi Tech Pendrive Funny Video

Posted by Deepak Shetty on August 19, 2009

Hi Tech pendrive invented awesome whoever has invented this , best pen drive ever made this a latest technology with brains.

Its a kool invention very funny & really a funny video

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Animate, Edit, Add Cool Effects and Create Your own Avtar…

Posted by Deepak Shetty on July 7, 2009


We often like to use some avatar as a graphical representation about ourselves on most of the online sites which we majorily use for interaction with friends or people on a social network.

So why not try something to make your avatar more interesting by using Avatar a free online platform , where you can edit your pictures add some cool effects to them within seconds without doing much , just by clicking your mouse .

The most interesting part of this online tool is it allows your graphics or pics to animate. There are several examples on the site showing Britney Spears., she seems to wink , make faces, appears blurry and doing many other things.

To create your own Avatar using those cool effects, just upload your own picture and click on the effect u want to apply and save or link it to wherever you want . The effects are fun, I have tried most of them and even uploaded few ! what are you waiting for just go ahead and try it and make your Cool Avatars look more interesting .

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Create Text Art Of Your Picture

Posted by Deepak Shetty on May 18, 2009

Text Art Of My Picture

Text Art Of My Picture

Hey guys today I have something really interesting for you . We all love to play with our images trying different effects on our picture ,even though now you are not artist there are many sites that provide you tools to play with your images , and here is something I have for you Textorizer it’s a cool software , it allows you to make your pictures formed with text and above all its free.

•    You just have to download the software from the site Textorizer & Start the program
•    Click on ‘change image’ at the top, and select one of your own photos
•    Click “Add Text”. Then open a word document that you’ve saved on your computer – one that contains all of the words you’ve typed out that you want to appear on the picture.
•    Click on ‘Textorize!’ or ‘Textorize2!’
•    Wait a bit, then see the results
•    Play around with the controls, to improve the result
•    The result is automatically saves as an image (called ‘textorizer.png’) and as an SVG file (called ‘textorizer.svg’).

You change the settings and experiment around with the picture once it has Textorized. Change up the colors, saturation and more! So what you waiting for download it now and if possible even post it on my Facebook wall would love to see what you have done with your picture . Have a good time :)

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Have Problem with Punctuation, Grammar and Spelling

Posted by Deepak Shetty on February 7, 2009

Words, punctuation, usage, grammar and spelling are very important whenever you type a letter, draft, presentation, etc for official or personal use. I have a degree in English Education doesn’t mean everyone else does. Even I make mistakes in words , punctuation, grammar and spelling. So while surfing through the net I came across this excellent online software SpellCheck.

SpellChecker is a site that helps you check online spelling, grammar and thesaurus. It’s very simple, no software downloads is needed even an ordinary person whose new to Internet can use , and benefit from it. Simply type or paste your text into the box, and click the “Spell Check” button.

Spellcheck Webiste Main Window

Spellcheck Webiste Main Window

A new box will pop open with your words inside. You have to choose from one of three options: SpellCheck, Grammar and Thesaurus.

Spellcheck Pop-Up Window

Spellcheck Pop-Up Window

SpellCheck : The SpellCheck tab will highlight words in bold red that you have spelled incorrectly. At bottom there will be an area under your text showing suggested replacements for the wrongly spelled word. On the Top Right side there is a dropdown which gives u a choice of English , British English etc…

Grammar : The next tab is the Grammar tab. Once you click on that, anything they consider to be improper use of grammar will be highlighted with blue underlined text. Again, there will be suggested replacements underneath.

Thesaurus: Clicking the Thesaurus tab will again highlight you in blue underlined words, and give you suggestions for other words you can use instead. That is very helpful, and makes it much faster to determine when you are using any particular word too much.

So the next time you write for your job, your blog, or even in an email… consider using SpellCheck.

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