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Free Online Song Recording Websites

Posted by Deepak Shetty on November 16, 2009

Every time we get under a shower, in the car, we are traveling or we are in front of the mirror most of us have the habit of singing. Even if we can’t “sing” really well, we still probably like to do. Than it might be a song just heard on radio, T.V., just one of our favorites we love to sing. And at times we even feel we should record our voice and see how well we can sing. Normally we drop this idea as recording our song in a studio is costly, but what if u you don’t need a Karaoke machine, nor any other fancy equipment. All you need is yourself, an Internet connection, and your microphone record your voice for free at your own convince.

Here are list of few websites which let you record your song for free:

singamore_logoThe place to Sing along Hindi Karaoke online and Record your own version of popular Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malay am, Punjabi, Bengali songs for free and share it with the world.

redkaraoke_logoSing online 243405 karaoke songs! Record and share your favorite music. Record yourself singing on the web. Submit your video/audio; vote and comment… make yourself heard! You can upload your own karaokes, listen to songs and view videos.

singsnap_logoSingSnap is all about singing, listening and having fun! Choose a song to sing from the thousands of backing tracks available in our library, use a microphone or webcam to record your vocals to it and then share your recording with the SingSnap community.

karaokeparty_logoConnect your mic, select a song , sing and have fun . Have problem how to sing we also provide singing lessons and many other options.

pure_solo_logoAt PureSolo you can record your very own version of over 20,000 popular songs that are then yours to keep and instantly share with your friends on email, CD, mp3 player, PureSolo profile and other social networks.

karaoake_play_logo karaoke system is easy to use, after you’re done singing, you can save the recording in your Studio. You can make the song public, or private. Private mode allows you to share your song with a select group of friends.

Its time to Show the world the next Singing Sensation that is inside of you!

Do share your recorded songs with me , have fun :)


6 Responses to “Free Online Song Recording Websites”

  1. Emma Taylor said

    This site is great

  2. i like to always sing on karaoke bars because it is very exciting to sing in front of many people ‘

  3. Knife Sets said

    me and my girlfriend would always frequent karaoke bars because we love to sing “~:

  4. hell said

    every thing is great but why should we share songs with u…….???

  5. how do we record? xD
    i just joined this site o:

  6. Shanaya said

    hey this is cool.Hey have u ever recorded a song

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