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Animate, Edit, Add Cool Effects and Create Your own Avtar…

Posted by Deepak Shetty on July 7, 2009


We often like to use some avatar as a graphical representation about ourselves on most of the online sites which we majorily use for interaction with friends or people on a social network.

So why not try something to make your avatar more interesting by using Avatar a free online platform , where you can edit your pictures add some cool effects to them within seconds without doing much , just by clicking your mouse .

The most interesting part of this online tool is it allows your graphics or pics to animate. There are several examples on the site showing Britney Spears., she seems to wink , make faces, appears blurry and doing many other things.

To create your own Avatar using those cool effects, just upload your own picture and click on the effect u want to apply and save or link it to wherever you want . The effects are fun, I have tried most of them and even uploaded few ! what are you waiting for just go ahead and try it and make your Cool Avatars look more interesting .


3 Responses to “Animate, Edit, Add Cool Effects and Create Your own Avtar…”

  1. Priyanka D said

    i didnt know you had a blog! funny avatar

  2. Uday Rodrigues said

    It is interesting!

    Thanks Mr. Shetty.

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