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Create Text Art Of Your Picture

Posted by Deepak Shetty on May 18, 2009

Text Art Of My Picture

Text Art Of My Picture

Hey guys today I have something really interesting for you . We all love to play with our images trying different effects on our picture ,even though now you are not artist there are many sites that provide you tools to play with your images , and here is something I have for you Textorizer it’s a cool software , it allows you to make your pictures formed with text and above all its free.

•    You just have to download the software from the site Textorizer & Start the program
•    Click on ‘change image’ at the top, and select one of your own photos
•    Click “Add Text”. Then open a word document that you’ve saved on your computer – one that contains all of the words you’ve typed out that you want to appear on the picture.
•    Click on ‘Textorize!’ or ‘Textorize2!’
•    Wait a bit, then see the results
•    Play around with the controls, to improve the result
•    The result is automatically saves as an image (called ‘textorizer.png’) and as an SVG file (called ‘textorizer.svg’).

You change the settings and experiment around with the picture once it has Textorized. Change up the colors, saturation and more! So what you waiting for download it now and if possible even post it on my Facebook wall would love to see what you have done with your picture . Have a good time :)


One Response to “Create Text Art Of Your Picture”

  1. stelt said

    Very nice.
    Much more SVG via

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