A Treat Beyond Imagination


Posted by Deepak Shetty on April 7, 2009

This April 1st, April fools day, I had decided to be extra careful and not get fooled. I left my house at 7.30 am for office. I got into the BEST bus to Borivali station. Bus Conductor came to me, I pulled out some coins (4 Rupees) from my pocket and told him “one station”. He gave me “the ticket” with a smile, which was a bit unusual for me as normally, conductors rarely give smile to passengers.

I smiled back took the ticket kept it in my pocket, and started looking out of the window, suddenly conductor asked me – “array bhai tu party karto ka” (do u party?).

I replied –“Yes”, but I was confused.

I asked him-“”Why?”

He replied – “keep that bus ticket carefully, there’s an offer on the backside of the ticket.”

So I turned around my Rs.4 ticket and was surprised to see a offer which said – “TICKET PE COKE FREE”, Eat up to Rs.50 at McDonald’s, show this ticket and get  Rs.22 Coke FREE!!!

mcdonalds offer on best bus ticket

mcdonalds offer on best bus ticket

So the first thing I asked him is it an April fool Prank by BEST or is it MTV BAKRA? I even gave a look on all the seats, hoping Cyrus Broacha somewhere around me!! The conductor replied – “Its not a prank. Trust me. You can check out at Mcdonalds.”. With mind full of doubts, & a smile, I folded & kept it carefully in my pocket.

When I Got into the train for churchgate, a sudden thought striked –“it must be an April fool promotional plan by McDonald’s.  So I better not go today to check that out. I should check the newspapers or news channels first.”

But nothing of that sort was in news anywhere. Next day evening while coming back home from Borivali station by bus, I asked for a ticket from conductor.

And he was the daily guy who knew me by face he handed me the ticket saying “Tumcha Satthi Special Ticket Japun Theva“ (A special ticket for you).

I immediately looked the backside of the ticket and it was, similar to what I got on April fools day. Now I was pretty much sure that its not a prank and decided to check out at McDonald’s. Next day I with my friend sudhi went to McDonald’s, had a good time with burgers and free coke!!

Really is a cool marketing strategy by McDonald’s. Great concept, A Value worth for my 4 rupees ticket which, I normally throw it in dustbin once I reach home.

So guys next time u traveling in BEST BUS do turn around your tickets, you never know what offer is waiting for you!!!


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