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Double Chin Get Rid Of It Naturally

Posted by Deepak Shetty on April 5, 2009

Double chin ExerciseThe face look is something that matters for most of as we start getting older and there are many solutions now to make your face look good . Getting rid of eye wrinkles by means of lifting, an expensive cream would make the forehead smooth, Contact lens, makeup, pilling, hairstyle – all this could make the face really beautiful. But neck and chin are something that normally betray the real age . There are natural methods of getting rid of double chin and making the neck more beautiful, which is free, but effective. This method is facial exercise.

Exercises for Double Chin

• Sit down straight. Tilt your head back. Pull down the neck skin with your hand collarbone-high and keep holding so while you are exercising. Then pull your lower jaw forward and press your lips together. Hold in this position for 2 seconds. Then release for another two seconds and repeat again. Make 30 repetitions daily. You will feel the neck muscles and skin stretching. One doing this exercise looks like a fish in an aquarium.

• Say NO: Lie flat on the floor, lift your head SLIGHTLY (such that it is not in contact with the floor) and look to the sides one by one without letting the head rest on the floor. Will look a bit like you are saying NO. Say YES: Again, lie flat on the floor, and bring your chin closer to your chest and bring it back making sure your head does not rest on the floor. This will look like you are saying YES. You will see the difference within a couple of weeks. No need to over do this. Just once a day … say 20 reps.

Breathing Rules during Exercising

exercise for double chinWhile you are doing these exercises make sure, that the rhythm of your breath is the same as the rhythm of your motions. For example, breathe in, as you lift your head and breathe out, as you lay your head down.

Everyone can correct the form and size of their chin by doing facial exercises. The secret of these exercises is that they strengthen the muscles, lift the skin and reduce under-chin fat. Facial exercise will definitely work! also if you eat a very balanced diet. Don’t eat JUNK! because it will make you gain more than you trying to lose :) . Do these exercises regularly, that is once or twice daily, you can feel the first results after two weeks.


5 Responses to “Double Chin Get Rid Of It Naturally”

  1. embee said

    Good stuff Deepak. Quite informative.

  2. Anu said

    Good …Keep it up , Bro’!


  3. Angeline said

    Everyone wants to have a beautiful face and figure. But Sometimes no matter how we want it to be chin fat is there, good thing there is a facial exercise like this that is easy to do and not worth a luxury.

  4. Angeline said

    Getting rid of double chin naturally is the best way to have a better face’s shape and and also not expensive. I will suggest it better than liposuction. No knifes no pain.

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