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Have Problem with Punctuation, Grammar and Spelling

Posted by Deepak Shetty on February 7, 2009

Words, punctuation, usage, grammar and spelling are very important whenever you type a letter, draft, presentation, etc for official or personal use. I have a degree in English Education doesn’t mean everyone else does. Even I make mistakes in words , punctuation, grammar and spelling. So while surfing through the net I came across this excellent online software SpellCheck.

SpellChecker is a site that helps you check online spelling, grammar and thesaurus. It’s very simple, no software downloads is needed even an ordinary person whose new to Internet can use , and benefit from it. Simply type or paste your text into the box, and click the “Spell Check” button.

Spellcheck Webiste Main Window

Spellcheck Webiste Main Window

A new box will pop open with your words inside. You have to choose from one of three options: SpellCheck, Grammar and Thesaurus.

Spellcheck Pop-Up Window

Spellcheck Pop-Up Window

SpellCheck : The SpellCheck tab will highlight words in bold red that you have spelled incorrectly. At bottom there will be an area under your text showing suggested replacements for the wrongly spelled word. On the Top Right side there is a dropdown which gives u a choice of English , British English etc…

Grammar : The next tab is the Grammar tab. Once you click on that, anything they consider to be improper use of grammar will be highlighted with blue underlined text. Again, there will be suggested replacements underneath.

Thesaurus: Clicking the Thesaurus tab will again highlight you in blue underlined words, and give you suggestions for other words you can use instead. That is very helpful, and makes it much faster to determine when you are using any particular word too much.

So the next time you write for your job, your blog, or even in an email… consider using SpellCheck.

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2 Responses to “Have Problem with Punctuation, Grammar and Spelling”

  1. Marie said

    thank you !
    I’ve been looking for a SpellChecker with thesaurus and grammar – I can’t believe it took me so long ! this one is better then I thought : it’s online and free !

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