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Lipstick Can Lead To Cancer….???

Posted by Deepak Shetty on October 6, 2008

Dying to Look Good…..

Are you dying to see me or is that lead in your lipstick?

An attractive beauty aid/product/service has come under fire, the exposure of millions of women to the accumulative effects of Lead (a c through the use of their lipstick.

“Lead on lips can lead to lead toxicity. A lipstick that gives a bright colour to your lips may contain significant amounts of lead. Don’t be mislead by the glow, and use chemical-free lipsticks, if you can” -Dr Joshi at

Something to consider next time you go shopping for Lipstick…. …
Many women don’t realize that when they’re putting on their favorite lipstick each morning, it can be bringing them one step closer to lead poisoning. This guide will help you check to see if your lipstick contains lead.


  1. Rub a small amount of lipstick across a part of open skin, preferably your hand.
  2. Wipe a gold ring or any jewelry made of gold on it.
  3. Wait for about a minute or two. If the color turns black, then immediately throw the lipstick away. The lipsticks that you want to test are old ones, they don’t make lipstick with lead anymore, but many from years past can be very dangerous.
  4. If there is no color change, then your lipstick is fine.


  • The lipstick will not turn black immediately. If it doesn’t change within a minute or so, then it is fine.
  • Similar to other makeup, lipstick does have a shelf life, and should be discarded after 6 months.


  • “This claim appears to be drawn from an old alchemist’s trick of testing the purity of gold by rubbing ore on a dark stone (often containing lead) and comparing the streak with another of known quality. However, the process does not work in reverse. Even if it did, there would not be a large enough concentration of lead in a strip of lipstick to produce a visible change. Real, reliable detection of lead in a product requires rigorous scientific testing, and cannot be achieved “on the cheap” using normal household products.”


Love and care your self, and look beautiful for ever.


This comes from someone
Who works in the breast cancer unit at

-Mt. Sinai Hospital , in Toronto ..
-From: Dr. Nahid Neman


5 Responses to “Lipstick Can Lead To Cancer….???”

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    Only 4 percent of women know the women typically do better than men following lung cancer treatment. Shoes

  2. Hi very informative blog for all the people who are ” Dying to Look Good…..”.
    Very valuable info about choosing the lipsticks

  3. anuswriting said

    This is a information which everyone wud want to know , rather then Die looking good …hahhaha

    Dude I have even mentioned ur link in my blog!

    Keep writing informative stuff !


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